Identity & access management

Identity & access management (IAM) solutions enable to manage identities and their access rights to information in a heterogeneous IT landscape.

Increase of efficiency as a result of IAM

Due to identity & access management solutions the process-oriented and reviewable allocation of authorization and access rights to digital assets can be controlled. Thus the majority of information security requirements are covered; the process is automated, optimized and standardized, leading to a minor administrative effort and the rise of system efficiency.

Information security as a result of IAM

In a heterogeneous IT landscape with numerous standards for applications and authorization systems along with regulatory requirements, implementing an IAM has often become a complicated challenge.

ARCA-Consult supports the implementation process of IAM by means of relevant corporate IT governance and legal framework.

Consultancy services regarding IAM

Administration of identities

  • HR-processes and administration of personal data
  • Initial password assignment with enclosed PIN-letter
  • Positioning of identities in organizational entities

Allocation of roles and rights

  • RBAC model (Role Based Access Control)
  • Automatic role allocation with respect to the specification of profession specification, organizational structure and attributes
  • Provisioning of rights and identities in target systems

Authorization management

  • Authorization concepts for applications and authorization systems
  • Variance analysis of authorization and account data
  • Definition of processes for changes of authorizations