IT governance

To ensure on management board that corporate strategies and objectives are strengthened by IT Infrastructure

Process of change and impact on IT

IT governance describes the scope of actions and IT management standards, determined by corporate objectives, strategy and contracts with external partners.

As a result technological and legislative changes as well as strategic reorientation of the business and its objectives may have a significant impact on the present and future organizational structure along with business IT processes.

Efficient and legally compliant consultancy services

By applying various analysis tools and concepts, ARCA-Consult develops business processes for future decisions, actions and creates prerequisites for adequate IT management structures. Meanwhile ARCA-Consult supports you with efficient and legally compliant consultancy services with a focus on IT infrastructures. The service is primarily based on COBIT 5 and the international standard ISO/IEC 38500.

IT governance due to the security bill for IT

The current changes of the security bill particularly have a great impact on the organization of companies, operating in critical infrastructure industries. As a certified company and due to the expertise and over a decade of experience in the implementation of business IT solutions ARCA-Consult ensures that the IT management of your company is in harmony with the legal framework as well as your corporate objectives and strategy.