ARCA-Consult - A brand through the ages

From “management and IT consulting” to “IT & information security consulting”


The successful story of our family business begins at a time when the German economy (and therefore many companies) is still feeling the aftershocks of the burst of the dotcom bubble.

At the time, Doris Tietze made a conscious decision to step down from her position on the board of a medium-sized company in the new economy to found her own business, ARCA-Consult.

Clients and employees have benefited from her decision ever since, as they have become part of a consultancy firm that develops new and proprietary standards.

A family business and its success story


From board member of a public limited company to managing director of a family business Doris Tietze opens the first offices on Münchner Strasse in Dachau.


ARCA-Consult specialises in integration and migration projects for the consultancy software used by banks and insurance firms.


Our consultants are in demand in Austria as well. We integrate consultancy software on behalf of one of the largest IT providers to Austrian banks. The nationwide project runs smoothly and is still in use thanks to ARCA-Consult.


The first collaborative project with the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. Within this project, students develop a market study and prototype of a cloud computing portal for SMEs.


New location: The company moves from Dachau to the town centre of Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm.


ARCA-Consult taps into new lines of business in the area of IT and information security. It mainly advises critical infrastructure companies from various sectors.


A European energy group successfully obtains ISO 27001 certification with our support. This brought the first international project to a successful conclusion, including certification of a subsidiary.


ARCA-Consult used the experience gained from numerous projects to develop standards that offer our clients transparent and controllable consulting services. These standards include ACRiscon und ACSecbox.


ARCA-Consult joined the exclusive group of Top Consultants in 2018. We are therefore numbered among the best consultants for small to medium-sized enterprises. We were honoured to accept the award, along with a few appreciative congratulations, from former German President Christian Wulff.


Janine Altendorfer, Doris Tietze’s daughter, joins the company in 2018. This ensures that the family business will continue to operate with its traditional values.


Construction of the new headquarters is finished in October 2019. We join with colleagues, families, neighbours, business partners and local politicians to celebrate completion of the building and its inauguration. The 400 sqm facility has plenty of space for modern offices, training rooms, a staff kitchen and a creche.


We can turn every crisis into an opportunity. Our webinar series and extensive e-learning programme are born during the pandemic year 2020.


We receive ISO/IEC 27001 certification.
By obtaining certification for outstanding information and data security, we are taking the next logical step as a TOP consultancy firm. We remain steadfast and determined to use our expertise to fight the ever-increasing threats in our sphere of influence.


Logo refresh
We used the last few years to adjust our lines of business to the growing requirements of digitisation. Determined to communicate this refocus to the outside world, we give our old logo a more technical and therefore modern look.


We are among Germany’s best consultancy firms for small to medium-sized enterprises.
The 13th nationwide TOP CONSULTANT competition again used scientific methods to analyse how well nominees advised their small to medium-sized clients. Our standing as an elite consultancy firm was confirmed once again with the award of the TOP CONSULTANT quality seal for 2022.