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We are entrepreneurs with clear values, unmissable enthusiasm and authentic convictions. ARCA-Consult is a solid consultancy firm and funds its activities from its own resources.

Driven by a desire to ensure smooth interaction between IT and its human operators, Doris Tietze founded the international company from Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm in 2003. Her daughter Janine Altendorfer joined the firm in 2018, ensuring that the family business will continue to operate with its traditional values.

ARCA-Consult has evolved to become a truly unique company. Our hallmarks include appreciation of our staff and our commitment to reconciling family life with the demands of a career. The consultancy services we offer are our greatest strength, which we develop continuously based on practical experience and research findings.

It is thanks to our staff and partners that we are able to acquire a better understanding of the challenges facing our clients and to offer solutions that are better than our competitors. This builds of course on our services, innovative implementation measures and the associated outstanding quality.

Multiple TOP CONSULTANT awards confirm this excellence. The distinction is particularly pleasing for us, as the difficult circumstances of the corona crisis required a radical rethink of many areas and a willingness to venture into completely new directions. We managed to rise to these various challenges together with our clients and our brilliant team.

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The TOP CONSULTANT assessment criteria. 

Consultancy services that address the needs of clients and are focused on small to medium-sized enterprises are the key criteria for the award.
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 Top Consultant 2022

Our mission statement

  • Vision

    Professionalism and foresight
    We bridge the gap between our clients’ IT department and other internal departments.

    Our close cooperation with clients, partners and members in industry associations ensures we always have our ear close to the ground in the IT sector. We are able to respond quickly to market changes and adopt a forward-looking and innovative stance.

    These skills are passed on to our clients 1:1.
  • Mission

    Protection and support
    As a certified consultancy firm, we use expertise and enthusiasm to ensure information security and to protect company data.

    Digitisation is transforming the world of IT at a dizzying pace. Threat levels are rising incessantly. Our mission has adapted to this new environment.

    We have progressed from successfully connecting companies with their IT and to now also ensuring that they feel safe with their information and data.
  • Values

    Authenticity and transparency
    These five values define the standards we place in ourselves. They are intended to help all stakeholders at our company to take responsibility for their own actions.

    • Tolerance
    • Honesty
    • Reliability
    • Self-determination
    • Security
  • Corporate culture

    Diversity and teamwork
    Staff competency is the best indicator of a successful consultancy firm.

    There are no limits to recognition and appreciation. At ARCA-Consult, the strengths and potential of each individual are of vital importance for the whole company. Within our management, we have been creating a team-friendly environment in which everyone makes the most of their abilities through independent work for almost 20 years.

    We draw our immense potential from fresh, new knowledge as well as from our colleagues’ long-standing experience and all the benefits of lifelong learning.
  • “I really appreciate the extraordinary atmosphere at work and the mutual appreciation. These things motivate me and make my work more successful.”
  • “Where others only pay lip service, ARCA-Consult goes all-in: A collegial atmosphere, trust and family-friendliness are living reality and not just empty phrases.”

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