IT Security 

We need to realise: All of us are vulnerable in the digital realm and must adapt to the rising threat levels.
Progressive digitisation and the immense rise in the threat from cyber crime are increasing the requirements placed on IT security and its availability within companies, the various locations and mobile workplaces.

Cyber criminals deploy unconventional methods and are characterised by absolute ruthlessness.
Maintaining your IT security is therefore a continuous process and is defined by the quality of protection on your computer systems.
Suitable precautions are used to protect hardware, software and data from theft or damage. The also ensure smooth deployment and avoid the incorrect allocation of services.

Preventative risk management

In addition, this issue includes preventative risk management to ensure that time-critical processes continue to operate and that negative repercussions are minimised and avoided in the future, even in the event of technical IT emergencies. All areas and layers of IT must be included in this as a matter of urgency.

  • Objective

    The aim is to achieve the envisaged protection by implementing the three pillars of IT security:
    • detect – identify attacks
    • protect – safeguard assets
    • defend – ward off attacks

IT protection for all areas of your company

IT security overview

IT security overview Effective IT security is essential for every company, because even a small gap in the security concept can cause massive damage. Cyber security is multifaceted and multi-layered. It ranges from the protection of your networks...
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