The strategic approach to end-to-end IT security
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Spoilt for choice 

There is a huge number of tools and services available on the market that promise additional IT security. Vendors frequently advertise their solutions as panacea for all conceivable aspects.
Negotiating this labyrinthine segment and finding the best combination of tools and services for one’s own company are among the biggest challenges in modern IT. After all, even the tiniest omissions in the security strategy can lead to damage of immense proportions.
In the most recent bitkom survey, 86 % of companies reported damage due to cyber attacks. The total volume of damage to the German economy has doubled year on year and currently amounts to €223 billion.


ARCA-Consult delivers offer comprehensive expertise and extensive technical knowledge in all areas of cyber security

This places us in a position to offer tailored solutions for your specific protection requirements.
Integration within the current IT infrastructure and seamless connectivity of outside solutions are especially important. That’s why we adhere in our work to specific industry standards and laws, along with your individual requirements
Our consulting aims to achieve effective IT security, coupled with maximised efficiency.

Our consultancy services for IT security

The IT security consultancy process

The first step is to work with you to acquire an overview of the current situation at your company. To do this we take stock of the assets, conduct staff interviews, perform management assessments and prepare audit reports among other tools. We then discuss with you the envisaged protection level (basic protection, enhanced protection or optimised protection). In the next step, we analyse the difference between the current situation and the target status and describe the steps that are necessary to reach this goal. We will be happy to accompany you during implementation of the measures.

Tool and service selection/package options

Security solutions need to cover the following levels:
  • Network level (e. g. LAN, firewall)
  • System level (e. g. endpoint, server)
  • Staff level (e. g. IAM, whistleblower system)

The company’s individual requirements and the right combination need to be factored in when selecting the tools and services needed, which must also cover all areas of the company IT that are exposed to risks. For reasons of cost, any overlaps between the areas catered to by the individual tools and services must be avoided. We have developed a proprietary selection system that takes account of all individual requirements at the company.

End-to-end IT security assessment

Any assessment of the threat level must be based on a clear understanding (stock taking) of the assets that require protection. Only once the information obtained from the tools and services has been correlated is it possible to make a clear statement on the current security status at the company. Reports of security incidents must never go undetected and certainly not unheeded. Information of this kind needs to be evaluated and made transparent, whereby the objective should be to achieve a high degree of automation that saves time and minimises the error rate caused by misinterpretations. You will benefit from our proven methodology during this process.

Additional consulting and implementation services

Implementing the security measures

We are authorised to take charge of implementing measures for regulatory compliance based on our extensive knowledge in the area of IT security.